Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Today I'm going to be talking about the three fundamental factors for succeeding in bodybuilding. Most of you will naturally do this without thinking, but for the newbie's looking to gain mass, here's some tips!

1. Workout

  • Obviously to grow your muscles you have to stimulate them to do so, hence the need to hit the gym!
    • I recommend starting on a full body routine like Stronglifts 5x5. This will help by teaching you all the important lifts that you should be using throughout your career that most people neglect and regret! Also, it will help you build a good base, which will be helpful when you move to a more hypertrophy targeted routine.
    • Cardio isn't essential unless you're trying to lose fat, but it's fine to do a bit on your off days for general health/fitness. But try to have at least one full day off a week.

    2a. Diet
    • Diet is the most important part of bodybuilding. Without a good diet you won't be able to get very far!
    • Eat 6-8 meals a day, whole foods mainly.
    • Eat protein at every meal with some complex carbs, or healthy fats after 6pm.
    • Eat at least 1g protein per lb of body weight.
    • Drink 1 gallon water a day.
          2b. Supplements
    • Everyone always goes crazy with supplements thinking they are steroids... they're not!! When you first start training, you will be making good gains without the need for any supplements, just buy a whey powder for your post workout shake and a multivitamin. Nothing else is necessary at the moment.
    3. Rest
    • Muscle doesn't grow while you're in the gym! Most of the repairs happen while you sleep, so it's essential to sleep around 8 hours a night. I usually aim for 8-9 hours. 7 hours may not be enough for some people.
    Feel free to ask any questions!


      1. A gallon of water? wow, I need to drink more

      2. I am by no means buff, but I am quite fit. I cycle to the beach most days and swim in the surf for an hour or so, and once a week or so I'll do 3x20 crunch's and push-ups. I pretty much eat what I want, but that includes a fair bit of fruit. I also eat a lot of fatty foods like burgers and kebabs and a fair bit of beer at the weekends but I find I'm doing enough exercise to stay lean.

        I don't have any interest in being huge I just want to be fit and healthy.

      3. Nice picture, but seriously, this is good advice. I definitely need to start drinking more water and eating better though.

      4. This is pretty good. Keeping good symetry is the biggest challenge I have in body building. And the diet part. But resting rock hehe.

      5. That is a lot more than I eat or drink. Hardcore muscle gain.

      6. Love ur blog bro. Followed.

      7. very interacting information! thanks :D