Friday, January 14, 2011


What are (free weight) Squats? 

Everyone who doesn't do Squats has a reason for it:

"Squats damage your knees" - WRONG

Squatting with proper form strengthens the muscles surrounding the knee which stabilises the joint, making it stronger. The tendons and ligaments in and around the joint also benefit from squats. Many people with a history of knee pain have managed to overcome their issues with doing squats. Here is one example >>

"Squats are bad for your back"- WRONG

Again, squatting with proper form, the weight is directly over the spinal column, which means minimal torque as well as shearing force on your back. Squatting with weight also builds your back muscles, which strengthen and support the back. Don't try squat more than you can, and back pain will never be an issue.

Remember, the danger is not the Squat, but the Squat FORM.

So why are Squats so amazing?
  • Firstly, squats are a full body exercise. A lot of people think they are only for you legs, nothing could be more false! You use more than 200 muscles to perform a squat; Legs, Hips, Core, Back, Shoulders, Arms etc.
  • Squats build muscle mass. Extra muscle can help you lose more fat by increasing your basal metabolic rate. Building muscle mass also makes you look awesome!!
  • Your strength and power comes from your hips and core. So if you want to be strong and powerful, I think you can guess which is the best exercise to develop your hips and core. Yes, the squat.
  • Heavy squats trigger your body to release testosterone and growth hormone, meaning more overall mass and strength!
  • It has been well known for a long time that free weight exercises help to increase bone density, hence decreasing the rate of bone degradation in adults. This is especially important for women.
As you can see, the squat is vital for total body development! I hope you liked this post! Feel free to post any comments. Next post: Deadlifts!


  1. this is pretty intense ae, but so true about squats you should incorparate squats in a 5x5 workout routine that means squats in every work out buddy!

  2. I enjoyed gym a lot before got myself hurt.
    Now the least i can do is to follow your advetures :)

  3. I really should start doing squats. I really don't know why i have been ignoring them, i have mainly just done exercises for a specific muscle and not the full body exercise ones. I guess i will try these tomorrow when I'm in the gym. Thanks for the great post.

  4. Thank you for the information! I recently started working out again so this should be very helpful to me.

  5. Thanks for the comments guys! Squats are very important! New post today, stay tuned!

  6. You have swayed me, squats it is. Is this something where doing less weight and more reps is a good thing?

  7. It depends on your goal, it is safe to use any weight as long as you keep good form.

  8. Thanks for the info, and for following my blog!

  9. My favorite lift.

  10. Sweet tips man. I am seriously out of shape, this blog makes me feel bad.

    followed for motivation.

  11. hopefully you get enough motivation to do something about it! exercising isn't hard and it's very rewarding.

  12. Hm. I have sensitive knees, I did not know squats could be done despite that. I'll have to look into this.